Smart Digital Door Lock

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Smart digital door lock system which includes a keypad password and mobile wireless access control.

Features :

  • Wireless AC code lock: The door lock can be unlocked together with the wireless communication function through the app.
  • User Code: The mobile app can generate up to 300 codes, valid for one time, permanent or 5 minutes to 180 days.
  • Incorrect password input restriction: After 5 failed attempts to enter the password, the door lock will not respond within 5 minutes. The mechanical key and wireless AC lock unlock can be used to unlock in this state.
  • Automatic time lock: After successful unlocking, the wireless communication lock will automatically lock after a period of time between 5 and 120 seconds.
  • Simple lock: Press the # key for 2 seconds to lock the wireless AC lock; the bait code: you can enter 8 bait numbers before the actual code to prevent the code from being leaked. Lower battery consumption. Powered by 4 AA Batteries(Not Included)
  • Low battery indicator: If the battery is low, it will issue a low battery warning. During wireless communication unlocking, the battery level will also be updated on the app. If the battery is exhausted, use a 9V battery or mechanical key.

Specifications :

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Door thickness: 28-65mm
  • Size: 137x60x12mm
  • Sensing distance: 3cm
  • Unlocking Method: wireless communication, password, mechanical key
  • Dynamic power consumption: 150-300mA
  • Verification code length: 4-8 digits
  • User capacity: 130 user