Fiber Optic Cable Tester

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For testing optical cables up to a dynamic distance of up to 30km. 


  • 1 meter in length 
  • Compatible with Huawei
  • Single mode fiber type
  • Connector Type: SC/FC/ST
  • A portable size of 168mm x 27mm
  • Wavelength range of 650 nanometers ± 20 nanometers
  • Dynamic distance up to 30km
  • 30mW Type
  • Shell material constructed from aluminium
  • Used with 1.25mm connector FC (or) 2.5mm Universal connector
  • Powered with AA*2 battery (not included)
  • Total weight of 129g
  • Operating Temperature: -10 Centigrade+50 Centigrade, less than 90%RH
  • Storage Temperature: 20 Centigrade+60 Centigrade, less than 90%RH